Tuesday, November 27, 2012

100% chance of a run

when it's cold, I run a little faster

when it's hot & humid, I run a lot better

I do not "run thru" pain

I do not focus on my breathing (at that point, the run would be over)

I run faster when the music's better... sometimes

I often lose track of where I am

I probably have the music up too loud

I might be a little faster on thursday... I might not. 

and next week, I'll run a little farther.

Last night I took a look at the forecast, as I do.  (Slightly weather obsessed… always have been.  Running really brings it out in me.)  Bad news: cold AND rainy.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG. 

I actually LOVE running in the rain, but I have come to detest the cold.  And when it’s cold on a running day, I tend to complain bitterly.  I check the weather—and if I don’t like the forecast, I’ll consult another source. (last night I had 6 tabs up with weather forecasts from different news sites! six!!)   Then I’ll whine some on Facebook.  Usually I am so excited about my running days I’m just about giddy when I wake up in the morning.  When it’s cold, I have trouble getting out of bed. 

But here’s the thing:  yesterday, my friend Jeremy posted about a frustrating morning, including a flat tire, but how he was also remembering feeling his soon-to-be-newborn baby kick for the first time, and who cares about a flat tire anyway, right?  He said that anytime he was about to post something negative, he was going to post something positive instead.  I did think about that as I got ready to complain publicly about the forecast, and I was gonna whine anyway.  And then Jeremy posted about writing in a journal for his son.  Stopped me in my tracks. 

I’m not gonna lie—I still played the little game with myself where I thought about switching my running days around (because the forecast for the REST of the week is perfect!) but my sweet daughter said, “Mom, you’ll be sorry if you do.”  And let me tell you something, if you think it's a great moment in parenting when your kids take your advice, just wait till the day your kids are giving YOU good advice.  There is nothing better!  

So, I got up this morning, and put on some warm running clothes.  It’s amazing what just getting dressed to run does for my motivation.  I can think about running all day, but when I put on those clothes, my whole mindset changes.  It was still cold out—45 degrees!!  We live in the SOUTH for crying out loud! 

Then, I got some more good advice from my friend, Mick.  We’ve never actually met in real life, but we’re in a running group on Facebook.  He said, “I walk outside and tell myself, ‘it’s not that bad.’”  So I did.  It was still pretty stinkin’ cold, but something about saying “it’s not that bad” is very empowering.  Try it.  Say it out loud.  You’ll be amazed, I promise! 

So, I got myself out the front door, which is always the hardest part.  About 10 steps into my run, I’m not thinking about the weather at all, even if it IS cold and rainy!!  I have run in cold rainy weather before and had one of my best days.  I’ve run in a thunderstorm before, and while it’s not something I’d let my kids do, I really enjoyed it.  Came home with 5lbs of soaking wet clothes and sneakers (yes, I weighed them!) but I enjoyed every step.  As another friend, Joshua, from my Facebook group reminded me this morning, “You'll never regret the run you ran, only the run you didn't!”

And that, my friends, is the truth. 

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